Protection for your home and family is not an easy decision. The home security system packages from Somers Security Systems combine the best price with the best equipment and service.  We will give you a free estimate and tailor the security to fit your individual needs:

  • Best Price in Home Security Equipment and Monitoring
  • Rapid trouble free installation with wireless or hardwired equipment
  • Many additional automation and control options available
  • State of the Art UL Listed Security Equipment
  • 24/7 Protection with Security Monitoring
  • Up to 20% off Homeowners Insurance Premiums
  • Peace of Mind for Your Family and Home


Could you be overlooking the importance of fire detection in your home or business? Most people at least lock their doors before leaving the house, yet few regularly test their smoke detectors. Fire is most devastating when there is no one home to alert the authorities. Thousands of homes, businesses, garages, even stables are destroyed by fire every year. A Somers Security monitored fire alarm system will alert both the occupants and the local fire department of a problem in the crucial first moments of a fire. Rather than worry about phoning the fire department, a monitored home or business can focus on the most important task of securing the safety of all occupants. Furthermore, a monitored home or business can rest easy knowing that even when no one is home we are taking care of the fire security. Fire protection means not having to wait until a neighbor notices flames billowing from your premise before the fire department is dispatched. The fire department will be dispatched at the first detection of trouble.

Home Automation

Manage your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Turn lights on and off, set your heat or A/C, lock and unlock the front door.  View secure real time video.  Give yourself the freedom to control your home from anywhere, even when you’re working or playing games like WoW, as you can get cheap wow gold online for this.

Medical Emergency

Personal emergency systems from Somers Security provide prompt, efficient response when needed while serving as an improvement to personal safety.

  • Alert authorities in the event of injury
  • Provide duress notification in a personal safety situation

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO), also called carbonous oxide, is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly lighter than air. It can be toxic to humans when encountered in higher concentrations!

Your System will alert the central station to dispatch the fire department; should there be an odorless leak of CO gas.

Flood Detection

A Water Detector sends a silent signal to the central station when a sensor detects the first traces of water. Water sensing probes are typically placed by basement sump pumps, water heaters and washing machines. It is recommended that a trusted key-holder be included on your emergency contact list to turn off the water main should an event occur while the home is unoccupied.

Temperature Protection

If your home heating system fails to kick on or a power outage prevents it from doing so, your security system will send a signal to the central station as soon as the temperature in your home drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
An operator at the station will notify you immediately of the situation, so you can make arrangements to send a person you trust to your home. This is the key to preventing water damage from freezing pipes.