Could you be overlooking the importance of fire detection in your home or business? Most people at least lock their doors before leaving the house, yet few regularly test their smoke detectors. Fire is most devastating when there is no one home to alert the authorities. Thousands of homes, businesses, garages, even stables are destroyed by fire every year. A Somers Security monitored fire alarm system will alert both the occupants and the local fire department of a problem in the crucial first moments of a fire. Rather than worry about phoning the fire department, a monitored home or business can focus on the most important task of securing the safety of all occupants. Furthermore, a monitored home or business can rest easy knowing that even when no one is home we are taking care of the fire security. Fire protection means not having to wait until a neighbor notices flames billowing from your premise before the fire department is dispatched. The fire department will be dispatched at the first detection of trouble.